Dusuntara Jungle Retreat

Less than 60 minutes by road or train from Kuala Lumpur, Dusuntara, is probably one of the most well kept secret of a blissfull and heavenly jungle retreat . Majestically sitting at the foothills of the Genting Highlands in the lush tropical foliage of Batang Kali, Dusuntara will not disappoint any visitor.

Guests from Australia, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Poland, France, India, Singapore and Malaysia, to name a few, have become key influencers and word-of-mouth advocates for the extraordinary experiences and stays they’ve had at Dusuntara.

Dusuntara is the labour of love of the husband and wife team of Kamal and Hawa. Passionately developed over the last 19 years, Dusuntara embraces the concept of sustainable living and respect for Mother Nature with great zeal. This can be noticed by its eco-friendly buildings, facilities and the luxuriant verdant surroundings.

Encompassing this abode of nature are orchards, lush greenery, tropical rainforests and river streams resonating a soothing feeling; rejuvenating and refreshing the tired and stressed minds of urbanites.

Many a visitor not only fondly recalls the unique ambience and charm of Dusuntara but also the superbly delicious home cooked meals prepared by Hawa. Fish so fresh right from Dusuntara’s fresh water ponds is a signature dish apart from the barbequed lamb that will just melt in your mouth. (Lately, there is a growing visitor cult just coming for the food!)